CZ and More Crypto FIgures Make Wealthiest Chinese List For Hurun Institute

CZ and More Crypto FIgures Make Wealthiest Chinese List For Hurun Institute

The research, media and investment firm, the Hurun Institute has just published the latest iteration of the globes biggest wealth list and funnily enough, it features twelve members of the crypto space.

According to the report, Hurun partnered up with Lexus to compile the 21st edition of the ranking. In fact, this publication has been published every year since 1999. Individuals will be required to have a calculated net worth of 2 billion yuan (equal to $282 million) in order to make it on the list. 

Hu Run chairman and chief researcher at Hurun report spoke on the diversity of the list and variants in people and businessmen. Twelve crypto entrepreneurs made it onto the list, which is a huge feat for such an emerging industry.

“The 21-year history of Chinese companies and wealth development is not only meaningful to Chinese companies, but also of Hurun's richest...We will see many innovative business models and new listed entrepreneurs emerge.”

The crypto mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain’s co-founders Micree Zhan and Jihan Wu both made the list. Zhan specifically was ranked as the one-hundredth man in China and according to the report, he has a net worth of more than 30 billion Chinese yuan ($4.2 billion).

Furthermore, the crypto platform was also well represented, with Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, OKCoin founder Star Xu and Leon Li of the Huobi platform all making the list. CZ was ranked 195th with a net worth of more than $2.5 billion, could you imagine that much money?!

This list is interesting, especially to see so many crypto entrepreneurs make the list. Hopefully, over the years we will see more crypto figures get on the list as the years go on and adoption furthers itself. 

It will be interesting to see how this situation plays out. For more news on this and other crypto updates, keep it with CryptoDaily!

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