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Metal Pay Fully Launched By Erik Finman - Is This The Libra Killer?

Metal Pay Fully Launched By Erik Finman - Is This The Libra Killer?
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The full version of the cryptocurrency app Metal Pay has launched in what creators claim will be the thing to kill off Facebook’s upcoming stablecoin, Libra.

The youngest Bitcoin millionaire, Erik Finman, said in a post on Twitter yesterday that users will now be able to send and receive a range of cryptocurrencies.

Metal Pay works as a P2P payments app and now supports several new tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum and so on. Before this, the only payment option that the app supported was its own in-house token, Metal (MTL).

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Finman rose to fame because he made a killing on Bitcoin, not to mention he was the youngest person to ever do so.

Finman says that this could ultimately end Libra before it's even started.

The project has run into several regulatory obstacles since it was announced which most would see as an issue but Facebook are still determined to gather the needed nodes to run it. Some of the biggest names in the finance world have agreed to pay around $10 million for the privilege including PayPal and Mastercard.

The full release of Metal Pay comes a month after it made a type of partnership with the crypto-based social network, Steemit.

At the time, Metal wrote in a blog post:

“We also allowed Steem to take over the Discover section in the Metal Pay app — a first for us — where we linked to tons of interesting content to familiarize our users with the Steem blockchain and its publishing platform, Steemit.”

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