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Is Justin Sun Too Controversial For TRON?

Is Justin Sun Too Controversial For TRON?
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Just as controversial as he is popular, the CEO and founder of TRON Justin Sun has been a bit up in the air over these past few weeks.

The genius mind behind the decentralised protocol has turned a few heads over this past year and this past month has been no exception. The fact is, is that Sun makes a lot of headlines from crypto news outlets like us but it's mainly due to his personality and antics rather than his work. 

Despite winning a $4.5 million bid to sit down with Warren Buffet earlier this year, Sun cancelled last minute due to health issues and has since apologised for the ‘self-promotion’.

In an open letter posted on Weibo, Sun said:

“The bidding stemmed from my admiration for Mr. Buffett and my commitment to philanthropy … and of course, my self-interest and the exterior motive of advocating for the blockchain industry….But my immaturity, hubris, blundering, and neglect of public responsibilities have produced unexpected consequences totally contrary to my original intentions … and triggered concerns from regulatory authorities.”

Sun is only 29 and leads a platform worth $1.46 billion. This is huge for anyone nevermind some still in their twenties. 

His Image

In the crypto space, Sun has a mixed image. The fact that he is a young and successful developer obviously fuels his desire to create a larger than life profile. The recently acquired BitTorrent is incredibly popular with users across the globe. In this field of distrusted computer, he fares well as a trailblazer.

Nevertheless, his repeated habit of making headlines for his antics don’t do justice to his track record. The founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin expressed openness in having a different platform taking over Ethereum management. Even so, he was understandably sceptical when asked about TRON. 


In terms of price, TRON is valued at $0.022 following a 2.02 percent increase over the past 24 hours. The rest of the market seems to be having a similar action as the big three and other altcoins are also in the green seeing price movements in an upwards fashion.

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