Crypto Twitter Can’t Pick A New Satoshi Symbol

Crypto Twitter Can’t Pick A New Satoshi Symbol

Unless you’re talking about the Thai Baht, the currency symbol for Bitcoin is ฿. The symbol has been around for a while now but it was initially used by Satoshi Nakamoto in an early release of the Bitcoin protocol. Apple has recently added it to the iOS12 on-phone keyboard in 2018. But the community is yet to decide on a symbol for smaller denominations of BTC, otherwise known as Satoshis.

The crypto community has been discussing the need for a satoshi symbol for a while now with some Twitter users actively pushing for one symbol for more than a year. Earlier in 2019, they compiled their idea into a bundle of assets and published a GitHub repository for a Satoshi symbol.

But now, the whole topic has a new breath of life put into it as earlier this week, the head of operations at Lightning Network development house, Lightning Labs, Desiree Dickerson questioned they could raise funds for the symbol.

In adding more fuel into the fire was the financial giant Square who quoted the tweet and showed their support for the idea. Following this, people started asking questions and sharing their suggestions.

Square’s Crypto division tweeted in response to the original tweet saying, “For sure. Send us your ideas and we’ll retweet our favorites. 🌀”

One Twitter user went onto suggest the idea of joining the dollar sign and the @ symbol together to create a hybrid of the two. Funnily enough, a GitHub repository already supports this symbol and have been pushing for it to be adopted since 2018.

Other users have jokingly suggested that the community didn’t need to come up with the symbol because one already exists as it stands, the $ sign. The punchline being that the dollar will soon crash and cryptocurrency will be able to take advantage of the situation.

In the end, nothing has been decided as of yet but it doesn’t really matter what is chosen. The community has been debating it for long enough, so maybe its time to pick one and move on, surely?

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