Crypto Platform Bitsgap Unveils Innovative Trading Bot System

Crypto Platform Bitsgap Unveils Innovative Trading Bot System

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Bitsgap introduces round-the-clock Trading Bot service for cryptocurrency traders

Bitsgap has officially launched its new Trading Bot service that aims to provide a seamless mode of transaction for every trader on its platform. Users of this service will be able to automate their trading activities while simultaneously earning 24/7 on the platform.

This Trading Bot is coming at a time of extreme volatility in the cryptocurrency market. New entrants interested in being part of the opportunities prevalent in the industry have been put off by the constant price jumps. In addition, the unstable conditions of the cryptocurrency market seem to require round-the-clock monitoring which is not feasible for most people. In an attempt to generate earnings in the unpredictable market, most traders delegate their strategy executions to automated trading solutions. However, these seemingly negative scenarios do not change the fact that the cryptocurrency market is a goldmine that everyone can profit from.

Bitsgap’s desire to equip traders with the right tools needed for profiting in the cryptocurrency market has seen its engineering team come up with a trading robot to fulfill that purpose.

Traders will find that this bot is unlike the complicated options currently available in the cryptocurrency market. Also, in sharp contrast to Bitsgap Trading Bot, these algorithm-based bots fail to keep up with the fast movements in the markets. 

To beat this ineffective system, experienced traders either setup backup bots that are lower and higher than the current market price or activate these bots on other trading pairs in an attempt to hedge the risks. So for traders who cannot afford such backup plans, they run the risk of losing money on their investments.

Unlike the existing bots in the market, the Bitsgap Trading Bot is beginner-friendly and can be easily mastered. Users of the bot can have it up-and-running in three simple steps:

  • Trader opts for a price channel with the lowest buying and highest selling prices.
  • Trader inputs the amount of active orders that bot should hold at once.
  • Trader funds the bot with the preferred amount.

The bot works by buying a cryptocurrency when the price falls and selling it when it rises. Every buy/sell order is interchangeable and automatic. To illustrate, immediately the first sell order is carried out, a buying order is set at the level of the previous price, and vice versa. With this strategy, traders are assured of consistent earnings irrespective of the upward or downward trends in the market. 

Also, users of this Trading Bot do not need any advanced knowledge of the crypto market as it creates strategies from backtest result, gotten from past periods, by selecting a price range and the optimal grid numbers. And with that, all a trader has to do is to pick a preferred strategy and fund it. The system will take care of everything else.

Moreover, it does not require more than a day for traders to see how the market’s rise and fall results in profits to their accounts. In fact, results are seen after the completion of the first trade.

Bitsgap cohesive interface also means that traders can easily watch the activity of the bots in real-time and share them on social media using a dedicated link.

Coming on the heels of its successful launch about three months ago, users of Trading Bot can run it on major exchanges such as Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, KuCoin, Poloniex, Huobi and many others.

Like similar services, Trading Bot comes with a DEMO mode that fully imitates the real cryptocurrency exchange order books. In this practice mode, traders can learn how to operate the bot without risking their money. As a welcome bonus, new users will get a two-week trial to launch their first bot and get a lead over the market.

Bitsgap got the attention of the cryptocurrency industry with its revolutionary platform aggregator, which was launched in February 2018. The Estonian-based company introduced the platform to offer a seamless experience in Automated Bots, Trading, Arbitrage, Portfolio Tracking, and Trading Signals.

Presently, the platform allows access to more than 10,000 trading currency pairs and covers over 25 popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

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