3 Reasons Every Developer Should Take Advantage Of Cocos-BCX TestNet 1.0 "Gang Rinpoche"

3 Reasons Every Developer Should Take Advantage Of Cocos-BCX TestNet 1.0 "Gang Rinpoche"

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Can you recall how challenging it was to launch your first game? Or how hard piecing it together at the design stage was?

This is what Cocos-BCX aims to simplify by taking advantage of blockchain technology. One thing is certain developers from all scales agree on the importance of all-in-one platforms.

It is not just for the purpose of a streamlined game design environment; but also to permit intuitive player encounters.

As a developer, you can make an input into this disruptive innovation. Previously, Cocos-BCX established connections with authority developer teams like TEAM Joy and White Matrix.

These developer teams have been extremely beneficial to the Cocos-BCX Developer Programs; however, there were restrictions on the interactions of global developers with the program.

The TestNet 1.0 "Gang Rinpoche" has come to redefine such restrictions. As a developer, Cocos-BCX will be accessible to you inclusive of local support to guide you.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. The TestNet 1.0 "Gang Rinpoche" also has an incentive program that you can participate in and get rewards.

Now, here are 3 reasons why you need to participate in the Cocos-BCX TestNode 1.0 programs.

The Cocos-BCX TestNet 1.0 "Gang Rinpoche" Pan-node Ecosystem

Blockchain technology offers game developers some amazing capabilities. Users can code with C++, Java, Python, which, is then converted to smart contacts.

This allows the coded programs to be applicable on varying platforms.

All these features make Cocos-BCX a platform to invest your developer skills in and the Pan-node Ecosystem program makes this possible. You can make use of your awesome coding skills and build the ecosystem.

You can also participate in building the ecosystem on your terms. That is not all; you will get the slated rewards associated with each developer role.

For example, the contribution rewards roles are divided into tools, contents, communities, and DApps.  After successful participate you will be remunerated with TestNet COCOS.

The Bounty Program

If you are an individual developer, the bounty program is the perfect fit for you. It offers you the opportunity to get daily incentives from completing bug bounty and daily tasks.

In the COCOS Bug Bounty Program, you will also get to work on the public chain security program. This will offer you a reward of up to 2 million COCOS based on how severe the bug you identify is.

Developers Get Access to the Technical Documentation 2.0 and Open Sourced Demo Products

As a developer, one of the best things any design platform can give you is in-depth technical documentation and Cocos-BCX does exactly that. You will have to get to see economic system, node launch, DApp, and SDK development examples.

The documentation also will guide you on how to work with the Cocos-BCX public chain.

Concerning the open sourced demo programs, they ensure seamless integration with blockchain and allow you to focus on code development without encountering irrelevant factors.

What Are You Waiting For? Get Involved

The Cocos-BCX TestNet 1.0 has immense benefits for all developers and opens up the opportunity to be a part of a world-changing technology.  And the best part is you can get rewarded for simply participating in Cocos-BCX developer programs.

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