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Consensus 2019: Institutions Join Space BTC Market May Boom

Consensus 2019: Institutions Join Space BTC Market May Boom
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2019 Consensus - Institutions’ Joining Crypto Market May Boost BTC to $10,000

The Bitcoin price increased from $3,500 to $7,000 over the past few weeks and has now breached the $8,000 mark, hitting its highest position of $8,343 for the first time since July 2018. Did the crypto winter come to an end? What will be BTC’s next price target?

BTC May Surge to $10,000 along with Institutions’ Joining Crypto Market

Early this week, cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and investors around the world came to New York to join the Consensus Conference, organized by CoinDesk. Apart from the content in the conference, what we should focus on is the list of sponsors including, Citi Bank, Fidelity, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon Web Services, eBay and etc. Besides, JPMorgan, The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg who have already announced to launch its own cryptocurrency earlier this year. Many famous institutions have a better understanding of blockchain and started to join the crypto market which may boost BTC’s price upward to $10,000 in the near future.

Bitcoin Futures Trading Records All-time High in Daily Volume

As expected the remarkable steady increase in bitcoin price over the past couple of weeks has seen a new record set in the investment for bitcoin futures contracts. This is all in the wake of the Bitcoin price surge. The recent bitcoin bull run may have a future impact on bitcoin futures trading, and many bitcoin enthusiasts and institutional investors may trade btc futures to get greater profits.

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