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UK-Based Credit Card Company Adopts XRP

UK-Based Credit Card Company Adopts XRP
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The financial startup, Uquid has recently announced that its customers will be able to use Ripple’s XRP for payments. With this announcement, XRP holders don’t have to convert their favourite token to other coins or fiat currencies in order to buy groceries or top up their phone number.


Now, you may not have heard of Uquid before so let’s go through a quick summary.

So as we say, Uquid is a UK-based startup that allows customers to pay for goods and services with cryptocurrencies.

Uquid is different from other crypto debit cards such as Shift, BitPay and Cryptopay as it offers more than 75 cryptocurrencies including a lot of major altcoins and Bitcoin.

The pre-loadable credit card that accepts such fiat currencies like the euro, sterling and the US dollar. It’s worth noting that even those that don’t have a bank account are able to use the card nonetheless.

The startup offers you two types of accounts, silver and gold. If you choose the accounts, your spending limit will be set at $150 (on a daily basis) worth of cryptocurrencies. In order to increase the limit, you will have to upgrade your account to gold by verifying your identity. For the verification procedure, you will need to provide scans of your ID, driving license, proof of residence, and so on. Those who have a gold account will be able to make unlimited purchases.


So with instant mobile recharge, XRP will be available in more than 150 countries. The recently introduced service will support 600 operators including giants like Vodafone and AT&T.

However, there will be other services that will be available in different countries. A good example is that only residents of Indonesia will be able to pay for their insurance and electricity bills with XRP.

So whereas this announcement from Uquid hasn’t been reported on much, it is going to be a big deal for consumer adoption. No other service allows paying utilities with XRP.

In other Ripple news, the adoption of xRapid is being passionately fought for. The latest product from Ripple is for banks and financial institutions but unlike xCurrent, it actually uses XRP for seamlessly conducting cross-border payments.

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