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PrimeXBT Goes Global and Launches International Ambassador Program

PrimeXBT Goes Global and Launches International Ambassador Program
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PrimeXBT, a 4th generation cryptocurrency exchange offering 100x leverage across a variety of crypto assets and boasting advanced trading tools, is expanding the languages the platform is offered in to better accommodate traders across the globe. The platform is celebrating the glocalization effort by launching a new international ambassador program in select countries across the globe.

PrimeXBT Experiences Substantial Global Growth

The PrimeXBT margin trading platform has already generated significant buzz around the world due to the influx of traders flocking to the platform. Traders have become enamored with the wide variety of advanced order types, unrivaled liquidity, customizable interface, and the ability to profit off the market whichever way it’s trending. No other exchange offers Bitcoin margin trading with such low fees and minimum deposits, or can match the variety of tools available to crypto traders.

In just a few short months on the market, the PrimeXBT leverage trading platform has already set records for trading volumes and is expecting to reach over $250 billion in trading volume within the next six months, according to expert research.

Due to the wide range of users that PrimeXBT has garnered, the PrimeXBT development team has worked to translate the platform in a variety of native languages, to better cater to the growing global market.

PrimeXBT Launches International Ambassador Program

Now that the PrimeXBT website has been translated into a number of different languages to better accommodate the global community to traders PrimeXBT will further establish its leadership position in the greater global crypto market with the launch of its international Ambassador Program. The ambassador program and website translation is just the first step in PrimeXBT’s greater localization strategy.

PrimeXBT is seeking active traders, brokers, bloggers, businessmen, and entrepreneurs from select countries who would like to become official representatives of the platform, and build a career at one of the most rapidly growing companies in the emerging market of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Passionate and dedicated individuals can finally live their dreams and earn income doing something they love.

Those that are interested in signing up to become a PrimeXBT ambassador should please contact

To get started growing your PrimeXBT earnings immediately, sign up for the platform’s attractive 4-level referral program, designed to reward users for spreading the word about PrimeXBT. The referral program offers an in-depth education center and marketing materials to assist brokers or blog owners in reaching new referrals and generating regular income through the program. The referral program goes 4-levels deep, allows traders to earn income from any traders they refer, but also the traders their referrals bring to the platform. The potential for earnings are near limitless.

To learn more about the PrimeXBT referral program, visit

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