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Weiss Ratings: Stellar Is Superior To XRP

Weiss Ratings: Stellar Is Superior To XRP
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Earlier this week, XLM got a listing on Coinbase Pro which is great for the team over at Stellar. The listing came just a few weeks after Ripple’s XRP got supported on the platform which has caught the eye of Weiss Ratings that recently started to venture into the cryptocurrency world.

In a Twitter post following the listing of XLM, the company said that the crypto could potentially see a lot more adoption as it is “superior” to XRP. Among the top cryptocurrencies, XRP and XLM seem to share the common goal of facilitating cross-border payment and that automatically puts them in the running.

Up to now, Ripple has been the lead project in terms of cross-border payments and Weiss Ratings has acknowledged this by praising the project for their quality services when it comes to payments. It is believed that Ripple has more than 200 institutional clients around the world and counting. More potential clients are on the line such as the London based eToro exchange.

And so the fact that Weiss Ratings would say that Stellar’s technology is superior to that of XRP is something that comes as a surprise. For those that don’t know, Stellar is an open source project that is of course, decentralised. Plus, it allows cryptocurrency to fiat transfers for any pair on an international level.

Ripple is a very popular cryptocurrency in the space (for better or worse), something that Stellar hasn’t seen even half of. Although this is for unclear reasons despite the fact that the technology might be better than that of Ripple. Clearly, it doesn’t have a high number of clients like Ripple that has hundreds and claims to register at least three more every week.

This listing on Coinbase could provide an opportunity for Stellar to advertise itself to be bigger due to the increasing demand for payments services between crypto and fiat.

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