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TRON Outperforming Both EOS & ETH With More Than 27 Mln Daily Transactions

TRON Outperforming Both EOS & ETH With More Than 27 Mln Daily Transactions
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Last week, the CEO of TRON, Justin Sun took to Twitter to announce that the number of daily blockchain operations conducted by TRON has surpassed EOS and ETH put together. In the past, TRON has reportedly outperformed both rival blockchains, having made more than 25 million transactions on a daily basis, when compared to the competition.

The total amount of transactions being conducted on the TRON blockchain, on a daily basis, is nearly 44 million. When it comes to Ethereum and EOS, the figures are around 11.6 million and 4.4 million.

TRON surpasses this amount by around 27.6 million on daily operations when you put together the results of Ethereum and EOs for 6th March that will surmount to 16 million.

Initially, TRON chose Ethereum as a competitor and was doing its best to surpass it by all metrics. One of the milestones that the TRON CEO pointed out for the firm to achieve in 2019 was to get into the top four lines of cryptocurrencies and potentially intend to get close as possible to Ethereum or hoping to push it from the second place. This has claimed a spot next to the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin itself.

The CEO of, Misha Lederman is a big supporter of TRON and recently tweeted that the next scheduled BTT airdrop is about to take place. The event is expected within three days (at the time of the tweets writing).

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