TRON Educational Events Aim To Boost Adoption

TRON Educational Events Aim To Boost Adoption

The marketing team over at TRON have started to roll out an Educational Events Series in order to make regular people better acquainted with the blockchain and crypto world.

The TRON Foundation are believers that it is crucial to help people understand emerging technologies like blockchain. So even though crypto has been a thing for around ten years now and it is around about the same for blockchain, for the big part of the world’s population, these two concepts are still quite vague. But TRON is now trying to put some light on this world.

At the start of this month, the TRON marketing team began to arrange and conduct their first talk in the series of events aimed at helping ordinary people understand what crypto and blockchain are and how they can help change the world.

The first educational event took place a few weeks ago on 7th March in San Francisco with more than forty people attending. For this reason, TRON was able to engage three experts who were at the speaker panel during the educational talk. They all either work in the blockchain space or are involved in that kind of industry.

During the talk, the panel spoke on many topics, telling the audience about several widely spread misconceptions when it comes to the blockchain. Mixing up blockchain and Bitcoin is one of those as well as that of cryptocurrencies are only there to help you make a quick buck.

The speakers went on to explain why the first area to embrace blockchain in full will be that of finance. The consistent differences between Visa and other traditional payment systems and the way cryptocurrencies function were discussed.

As reported by Ethereum World News:

“The speakers touched upon the higher speed of open ledger transactions, lower costs for those, as well as other aspects of transparency of crypto transactions. Smart contracts were also explained.

Finally, the conversation turned to the subject of the current bearish market and the team of speakers explained that technological development for various blockchain platform is much more vital to follow rather than watching coin prices go up and down charts.”

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