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Monarch Wallet Partners With Celsius Network To Bring Users Up To 7% Interest On Crypto

Monarch Wallet Partners With Celsius Network To Bring Users Up To 7% Interest On Crypto
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Users of Monarch mobile cryptocurrency wallet can now earn interest on their digital assets thanks to an integration with blockchain lending and borrowing platform Celsius Network.

The partnership brings together the technology stacks of the two blockchain industry leaders to create a native digital “savings account” for users across the world. Interest rates on these accounts are expected to be between 3% and 7% annual percentage rates (APR).

Meanwhile, users can also leverage the account to access US-dollar loans at affordable interest rates. According to the initial press release issued by Monarch, the interest rate on borrowings could be close to 4.95% APR, but will ultimately depend on the amount of collateral deposited on the platform. Presumably, higher collateral value could lead to lower interest rates and added benefits for borrowers.

Partnering with Celsius is part of American startup Monarch Blockchain Corporation AKA the Monarch Wallet’s strategy to boost adoption and use of cryptocurrencies. The Monarch Wallet has already been downloaded more than 200,000 times, and the wallet supports over 1,800 cryptocurrencies and ERC 20 tokens.

A broad range of features make Monarch Wallet a preferred solution for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Users can track the broader market, set alerts, and effectively manage their crypto portfolio through mobile apps  on both Android and iOS. The company is also a registered broker-dealer under the jurisdiction of the US SEC and offers better rates on transactions than rival Coinbase.

Since the platform is decentralized, users control their own data and private keys making the wallet one of the most secure solutions on the market. Users have been gravitating towards these security features as public scrutiny of Coinbase's third-party data sharing policies intensify.

The Celsius venture is the latest in a long lineup of partnerships with industry heavyweights such as Genesis Vision (GVT), Swarm (SWM), Ink Protocol (XNK), Sapien (SPN), Listia (XNK), Polymath(POLY), BitBay, GoChain (GO), Coinvest (COIN), Bancor, Dispatch, and Scottsdale Mint. According to Monarch, these partnerships could help the wallet’s user base exceed 10 million when fully deployed.  

Robert Beadles from Monarch said, “Monarch’s mission is to empower people to control all aspects of their finances from the palm of their hand,” adding that the latest partnership with the Celsius team was “an amazing win for the crypto community.”

The ability to earn interest and borrow cryptocurrency is a relatively new innovation in the blockchain industry. Startups like London-based Celsius can offer better rates than traditional banks because of their lower margins, digital-only service environment, and blockchain-enabled cost savings. The Celsius team has been proactive in sharing more of the revenue from issued loans to savers on the network, spurring faster adoption in an environment where traditional banks have tightened the purse strings and offered historically low interest rates.

The Celsius team claim their offering outpaces not just traditional banks but also some leading FinTech platforms.

“Many crypto services lend out their clients’ funds without giving proper notification and distribute significantly lower returns on those funds,” says Alex Mashinsky of Celsius. “This sounds much more like a page out of Wall Street’s playbook than that of a financial system founded on the interest of the people, as the crypto community claims to be. We hope our partnership with Monarch sets a new industry precedent in digital finance. High yield interest-bearing accounts should be the expectation; not the exception.”

The Monarch-Celsius partnership is yet another indication that the global blockchain community continues to innovate and push adoption despite a downturn in the wider market.

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