4 Ways To Earn Bitcoin In 2019

4 Ways To Earn Bitcoin In 2019

There seem to be more people looking into different ways that they can earn money through numerous online platforms on a daily basis. Simultaneously, people are also looking for ways to earn through cryptocurrencies. Throughout this year, enthusiasts are expecting a lot more in terms of adoption which seems to be where the industry is going anyway. With this, more people will soon be earning funds in digital currencies.

For those people that grow an interest in the crypto space there are several ways you can earn digital assets don’t worry about that, but the interesting part is that earning digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and so on, is that they don’t require much work.

And so today, we’re going to look at some of the ways you can earn cryptocurrencies this year.


One of the lucrative forms of earning cryptocurrencies is mining which has seen many people resulted in being millionaires in the crypto space. When crypto first became a thing, mining was a lot more profitable however, over the past few months, the act of mining isn’t as worthwhile as it once was.

Typically, cryptocurrencies, use a Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm and in return, miners will conduct mathematical algorithms in exchange for a block reward. The profit margins are controlled by the market value in the space as well as the electricity cost that comes along with the mining process. Not to mention the cooling of the crypto mining rigs.

So even though the mining profit has dropped, there is still a way to earn through setting up your own mining rig or taking part in cloud service that handles the complicated part.


Hold or HODL, if something you’re going to need a bit of patience with but nevertheless, if you can deal with the volatility within the crypto space, then this is the best platform to earn in cryptos. It seems simple, but it’s harder than it looks.

All you have to do is buy cryptocurrency by using fiat and hold on to it. The next step is just going to require you to buy low and sell high. This is a process that you will have to repeat and so if you can manage it, you will make some big winnings when the crypto markets recover from its bear slump.

But before getting into this kind of business you should always do your research. Don’t go in blind and guess at what might be the best investment. Have a look around and see what you can find, always be on the lookout for the return of the bulls too as that’s when the real profits are made.


Maybe not the best way to earn cryptocurrency but it is still a valid method to make it big. Over the years, the number of casinos that pay gamblers in crypto has been steadily increasing in 2019, that number will only get bigger.

There are risks when it comes to gambling of course and when it comes to crypto, it’s the same. If you can deal with the risks then this method will be for you. With online casinos, you can enjoy some convenience since you won’t need to confirm your personal details before you start gambling. Most casinos will usually start with a sign-up process which can be very tedious since you just want to get stuck in but crypto gambling is just that bit different.

As we say though, don’t go into the crypto gambling world until you’ve done your research and especially when your picking platform to gamble on, make sure you check the legitimacy of it.

It’s worth noting that the whole idea of the crypto space is that is doesn’t have regulations and crypto gambling is no different which means you can be exposed to risks.


Specifically, micro tasks. Under this method, the way you will earn is through completing micro tasks and some of the micro tasks include article writing, social media management and referrals.

The main aim for micro tasks is to push for participation but on a much larger scale. The compensation is based on factors such as the quality of work as well as the type of job. Micro-tasks can also be known as bounty hunting and can be tracked back on the Bitcointalk platform.

Since the start of the industry, bounty hunting has gained some traction and popularity. The Bounty0x platform, and ones like it, are known to give micro tasks a sense of legitimacy. The platform has mutually given companies an incentive to host bounty hunters to complete tasks. Bounty0x is set up on a blockchain with its own token, BNTY. The token gives people a reason to work and also provides a solution to the trust issue with other bounty platforms.

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