Token Sales You’ll Want To Keep An Eye On This Year

Token Sales You’ll Want To Keep An Eye On This Year

For those that don’t know, token sales are the process of generating and selling new cryptocurrency. Even though the details change from sale to sale, this process involves building a smart contract on the blockchain which will then generate and sell the resulting coins.

This year, there are a few token sales anticipated to make some noise in the crypto space.


This project aims to overcome the trust barrier in digital data and document exchange. Lynked.World is an upcoming project with a multi-faceted blockchain platform which will allow businesses and users to build custom applications and forms based on their business or other contract necessities.

Built with smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, Lynked.World assists in the finalisation of the deals. Users will be able to control their digital wallets on Lynked.World to store their identification details and other documents.

The team behind the project is based in India and there is a lot of potential that this platform has to impact the space. They have set a realistic target for themselves of the hard and soft caps to develop such projects with the soft cap being set at $5 million and the hard cap is set at $25 million.

This is a project worth keeping an eye on.

Fidelity House

Again, built on the Ethereum blockchain Fidelity House is a social content building and aggregation platform.

Users are able to communicate with people who have similar interests to them, publish content, update their interests and earn on viewing the content.

As an author for original content, you will be paid based on the number of visits on the page.

“The currency used as a mode of payment and rewards is called FidelityHouse Coin, an ERC 20 token. The team is based in Switzerland and has an impressive track record in content creation and social networking.”

The project can have a good commercial use case with the idea of trustworthy and transparent crowdsourcing journalism which the firm has in mind. Nevertheless, the project will face competition as it is not the only decentralised content generating platform and there are competitors which are taking advantage of AI technologies to strengthen their user engagements.

Once again, Fidelity House is one token sale worth looking at in the near future.

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