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New Crypto Content Revealed For Samsung Galaxy S10

New Crypto Content Revealed For Samsung Galaxy S10
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The long-awaited new phone from Samsung, the Galaxy S10 has been recently tested the financial and political analyst, Teuta Franjkovic and as she says, you can tell that as soon as you pick it up that things have changed in the new model.

It seems like this is a good thing too since Samsung recently lost its crown as T3’s prestigious best Android smartphone to the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Franjkovic says even though there are a lot of different things with this years model, she will need to spend more time with the phone before making a final statement but she did say that it could be enough to win back the crown.


So you might be wondering what this has to do with cryptocurrency. You may have heard the rumours earlier in the year that the phone would include blockchain features and crypto integration. When the rumours started spreading on social media, the community were quick to react after it was known that the phone would be coming with a dedicated ‘secure storage’ primarily designed for cryptocurrency private keys.

The firm announced the launch of the new phone in a recent press release where it was detailed that the phone would have new features and upgrades. The new phone model will have an upgrades camera and all the standard things that come with new phones but the feature that has made the most noise is Samsung’s proprietary defence platform, Samsung Knox. The platform will allegedly enable the new smartphone to have secure private key storage made for blockchain-enabled mobile services.

The company wrote:

“Galaxy S10 is built with defense-grade Samsung Knox, as well as a secure storage backed by hardware, which houses your private keys for blockchain-enabled mobile services.”

Furthermore, the Galaxy S10 has an AP (application processor) Exynos 9820 integrated with it which was developed by Samsung itself. “The Exynos 9820 also includes a PUF (physically unclonable function) – a semiconductor-based cryptographic key management technology.” Essentially, the Galaxy S10 has plenty of security technology to store private keys in a safe manner.

The S10 allows users to store private keys in either a secure enclave through a third party service, the terms suggest.


The way this all functions starts with putting in your address in and the amount and fee to be sent and then press the ‘send’ button. After this, you will be asked to put in a PIN or use your fingerprint to confirm.

And then you’re done. The process is done and the transfer is sent.

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