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Justin Sun Announces Decentralised Life Broadcasting Protocol

Justin Sun Announces Decentralised Life Broadcasting Protocol
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The founder of what is allegedly known as the best performing blockchain network, Justin Sun of TRON has once again taken to Twitter to announce another string of news for the cryptocurrency firm. Now, the CEO has announced in a tweet that his network has another project ready to show the world. TRON is getting ready to launch a decentralised life broadcasting protocol.

Now you might not have a clue what I have just said but to put it relatively simple. The broadcasting protocol is expected to compete with the likes of Twitch, Facebook and YouTube and more. It will be one of the creations form BitTorrent which was recently launched by the TRON network.

As reported by ZyCrypto, this new protocol will allow the user to have a peer-to-peer smooth experience of sharing huge files such as music and downloaded videos at a very high speed. BitTorrent is one of the newest astounding development through blockchain technology. Presumably, this will spark off mass adoption of blockchain by institutions.

“Since its creation, the BitTorrent protocol had a system of incentives built into its core processes. BitTorrent users can choose to upload data to users that upload faster to them.”

The founder of TRON had said several times in past that the network will change the online world in the future with an emphasis on speeding up the production and transfer of content in for the internet world. Sun went onto say, “TRON is transforming how the internet works to its core. I believe any application that is built on our network will unlock its power and benefit to the most. I’m excited to see the entertainment industry but also in traditional sectors such as telecom, banking, energy, real estate, education.”

Every since TRON separated itself from the Ethereum network, the team has leveraged on the opportunity to build one of the strongest platforms for decentralised applications.

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