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ADAs Charles Hoskinson Appears On Japanese National TV

ADAs Charles Hoskinson Appears On Japanese National TV
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BS1 is a national TV Channel in Japan and recently, a documentary about politics and capitalism. The documentary was simply called ‘Capitalism - the Desire of 2019’ and in the production, creators leverage whether market-oriented neoliberalism is well enough along or whether an intervention from the state would be necessary.

By now, you’re probably thinking what this has to do with cryptocurrency. Well just before the hour mark of the documentary, according to CryptoVibes, the CEO of Cardano Charles Hoskinson goes on air with the message for the world by stating:

“What Bitcoin did, is Bitcoin taught the whole world that belief doesn’t have to be given to us by a government, that belief doesn’t have to be given to us by a pope or a king, or a prestigious bank. We can just decide for ourselves. Now, if you don’t like it – you just build something better. You don’t like your payments system – you just build something better. Three billion people live in a situation where they can’t get credit, they can’t get insurance, their businesses can’t get the funding that they need to get to the next level and this ecosystem puts them all on the same playground and now for the first time ever in a human history you’ll have access to the same markets that Bill Gates has access to.”


Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano concluded his part by indicating that the ongoing decentralised revolution is all about getting rid of the middleman which promotes a necessity that suggests we can get rid of it by using smart contracts and blockchains which results in it becoming the middleman of value.

The Japanese BS1 channel documentary isn’t the only one television where the Cardano team took place. Cardano was also classed as a reliable scientific project too by the National Broadcast TV station (NHK).

In the end, Cardano did a massive improvement with its recent Cardano 1.4 update which introduces some massive enhancements while also fixing up some network connection issues that affect many users previously. Also, the update brings in some great improvements with regards to the hard drive space which are necessary for storing the blockchain and so on.

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