Does Ronnie Moas Still Have His Dignity (DIG)?

Does Ronnie Moas Still Have His Dignity (DIG)?

The finance guru Ronnie Moas has a track record for picking the right stocks but later on his in career, Moas wondered into the cryptocurrency space and claimed that he was to be “synonymous with Bitcoin”. The success with this, however, has now taken a turn towards conflict.

The founder of the Florida based Standpoint Research conducts market analysis’ on securities, cryptocurrencies, bonds and other assets which is all dependant on Moas since it is a one-man operation.

In a new Bitcoin podcast interview Moas said “I am one of the most highly regarded and highest ranking analysts in the financial services industry. I have a top 20 ranking for my performance versus more than 4,700 professionals… and my company was ranked # 5 on Wall Street in 2017.”

The Dignity Token affair

During the summer of 2017, Arbitrade got in contact with Moas to conduct an analysis for their company for “internal use”. Arbitrade is the parent company of Cryptobontix which is an issued cryptocurrency called Dignity Token. Dignity is a cryptocurrency which makes the bold claim that every token is backed by one dollar in gold. Cryptobontix is the firm which is pushing the project where they plan to pay for the gold using profits in mining farms.

The company later merged with Arbitrade which is the company now “leveraging proven financial technology” which “combines a financial matching engine… and smart contracts to enable market participants and institutions to buy and sell regulated security tokens.”

As reported by CryptoSlate, in September 2017, a small group of Standpoint’s paid subscribers were recommended to purchase DIG. by February 2018, Moas has sent out a mass email to the whole subscriber base with the recommendation to buy DIG this is something he described as an “impulsive reaction”.

After getting a good reaction to the token, Moas continued to push more about the merits that Dignity token has on Twitter and therefore assuring buyers the coin was 100 percent legitimate. He also added in other tweets that there’s no way it could be a scam since they are too expensive to pull off at such a scale.

To be fair to Moas, he did actually believe the token was legitimate but by the end of 2018 he had completely changed his viewpoint and started saying that the token was a scam to be avoided. However, despite Moas slating the founders of Arbitrade on social media, he then went even further to post there phone numbers, addresses, license plates and other similar kinds of information. Moas’ following was in an uproar and started threatening the founder in emails, tweets and so on.

Moas believes that he is the victim here and when asked about why he wasn’t concerned about DIG before he simply said that “he doesn’t do background checks”.

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