Cardano’s IOHK Hits New Milestone

Cardano’s IOHK Hits New Milestone

The development team of Cardano’s sidechain paper, IOHK has reached its next milestone by being accepted on the leading Oakland cybersecurity conference. The conference is called “IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy” and is to be held in May this year in San Francisco. The conference is well known for the presentation of upstanding quality academic research and developments in the computer security and electronic privacy spaces.

As many of you will know, Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano and he has expressed his delight on Twitter last week by congratulating the authors of the paper.

With Cardano’s paper being accepted, the overall value it brings to the computer security market is quite significant.

The sidechain paper was written by Kiayias Zindros, Peter Gazi, Dionysis Zindros. It primarily looks into the importance of a sidechain system and how assets can safely be moved between blockchains.

IOHKs sidechain paper is sure to impact the current scalability problems on blockchain to help bring a more efficient interoperability between the protocols. On top of this, there is even a firewall to limit the possibility of failure if the sidechain does so on the blockchain.

‘Redactable Blockchain in the Permissionless Setting’ is another blockchain paper approved for the conference which is written by Dominic Deuber, Sri Aravinda Krishnan Thyagarajan and Bernardo Magri.

It’s safe to say that with all this, the blockchain’s security is becoming an important issue showcasing the need for a secure blockchain in today’s world. Aggelos Kiayias if the Chief Scientist at IOHK who has noted the importance of side chains especially to functions such as smart contracts.

At the current time of writing, Cardano is eleventh according to CoinMarketCap and has a price of $0.042 it has seen a 4.18 percent increase over the past 24 hours.

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