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Cardano Set Up Shop In Wyoming

Cardano Set Up Shop In Wyoming
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The soon to be 33rd Governor of Wyoming, Mark Gordon gave a quick shoutout to the local blockchain industry during his inauguration speech. In addition, he highlighted the approach of startups such as SheepChain and BEefChain as an example of how Wyoming leads the nation while already bringing in other businesses to the state such as IOHK’s Cardano.

Gordon’s speech covered all the basic things such as the thank yous and the challenges ahead and all the positivity about his inauguration. But one particular note was a section praising Wyoming industries for becoming leaders and doing more. Speaking in his speech he said “in just this last year, Wyoming has become the envy of the nation for its innovative approach to Blockchain with new startups like BeefChain and SheepChain. We can do more.”

One company who has just launched a blockchain based initiative is BeefChain. The new venture is looking to track and verify the provenance of product in the meat sector. According to Bitcoinist, this will allow a provable supply chain link from a cut of meat, right back to the animal it came from and how the animal was being treated.


Wyoming also seems to be bringing in other companies with its friendly legislation including IOHK, the firm behind Cardano. The founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson has confirmed the move when he was questioned on whether he would consider moving the firm to the well-known crypto friendly island of Malta.

“Well actually [IOHK is] leaving Hong Kong. We’re moving to Wyoming next to Colorado in the United States. I live in Colorado. So we’re now a US company.”

Blockchain meats

Blockchain has been integrated into many forward-thinking livestock work as a supply chain solution. Aside from the Wyoming blockchain for Beef, there are worldwide source traceable solutions, this also covers chicken and fish.

The French supermarket chain, Carrefour uses the commercial version of IBM blockchain to track its products. For example, putting QR codes on packaging for chicken as to provide to information regarding the chicken, what it ate, age at slaughter, where it hatched and so on.

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