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How The Mainstream Adoption Of Bitcoin Is Becoming A Reality

How The Mainstream Adoption Of Bitcoin Is Becoming A Reality
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The interest in Bitcoin from around the world doesn’t seem to be fading away any time soon. New data has arisen from Google Trends, as many people seem to have a keen interest in finding out what Bitcoin actually is despite the price of the leading cryptocurrency falling eighty percent from its all-time high of $20,000.

On the latest data from Google Trends is suggests that the search term ‘What is Bitcoin’ is one of the most searched key phrases in both the United States and the UK. for the ‘What is…’ category, Bitcoin actually tops the list. This growing interest in cryptocurrencies doesn’t seem to end with Bitcoin though. ‘How to buy Ripple’ is the fourth most search phrase in the ‘How to...’ category for the United States.

The term Bitcoin gets thrown about a lot today but the leading cryptocurrency seems to be most popular in South Africa at the moment. This is mostly due to the political and economic climate in the nation. But according to Google trends, the interest rate for Bitcoin is higher in South Africa than any other country across the globe. After South Africa, Holland is the next on the chart, followed by Ghana then Slovenia and finally Nigeria.

The small island of Hawaii tops the charts for the United States closely followed by Washington State, New York and then Nevada which are all known to be quite hot for cryptocurrency related news.

This year hasn’t been a pleasant one for digital currencies. We’ve seen highs and lows for all the cryptos but for the forerunner, Bitcoin things have hit it quite hard. There have been more than $700 billion dollars wiped out from the whole market capitalisation. Whereas Bitcoin has lost 80 percent of its value from its all-time high of $20,000.

This year has been good for mainstream adoption though. Many big newspapers and news sites have been talking about Bitcoin and some altcoins including the BBC. As the mainstream wonder more about the cryptocurrency, adoption will slowly come with it. Google Trends has confirmed that more people are getting interested in Bitcoin as the popular related questions on the crypto have surged by 1,800 percent over the past 12 months.

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