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Dash Is Bracing The Storm

Dash Is Bracing The Storm
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Throughout this year we have seen one consistent factor and that is the bear market. The constant downtrend has seen Bitcoin and the rest of the market lose quite a significant amount of their value. During the 2018s bear market, the firm behind the altcoin, Dash, Dash Core Group hasn’t said much over the past few weeks and there hasn’t been much news about the coin or the group behind it either. With this Rumours sparked that the project is dead in the water but despite this, the CEO of Dash Core Group, Ryan Taylor said in a recent blog on Medium that the startup is ‘sustainable’ and will survive the market crashes we have seen over the past few weeks.

In the Medium blog, Taylor provided a bit of context to the recent collapse and called out the Bitcoin Cash fiasco as the main catalyst that caused it. The CEO then mentioned that there is quite a lot of startups which are quietly shutting down or are ‘running on fumes’ before noting that Dash isn’t one of them.

Before he posted this Medium blog, Taylor has said in the past that the Dash ecosystem continues to surge. The CEO mentioned several developments including the DASH wallet download stats and a recent successful network stress test. On top of this, Taylor said:

“In short, the network keeps growing despite the price declines and the reduced speculation. Proud to see the strategy working on the metrics that determine long-term success. Heads down… we are getting there!”

There is a number of cryptocurrency startups which haven’t survived the crash of the market. One of the most important factors for the Ethereum Classic ecosystem, ETCDEV announced its closure a week ago through a tweet on Twitter.

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