Comparing Figures? Where To Find The Best Bitcoin Trends

Comparing Figures? Where To Find The Best Bitcoin Trends

Keeping up to date with the crypto markets is often an impossible task. Because cryptocurrencies are volatile, actually trying to keep up with bouncing values is difficult and often time consuming. Though, as sensible investors we need to ensure we are all up to date with the latest price movements for two reasons;

Firstly, sudden prices changes will directly influence our portfolios and the value of our assets, so, if we don’t keep an eye on the markets, there’s no way of us knowing exactly how much our investments are worth at any given time.

Secondly, we need to plan for future investments. In order to work out which crypto to purchase next and when to sell up our current holdings, we need to review historical figures and trends in order to ensure our future investments are wise and well thought out. By reviewing historical figures and trends we can make more accurate price predictions that in turn will influence our buying behaviour and allow us to make better investments.

Therefore, if we want to flourish within this industry, we need to be sure we are all on top of the market movements, that we are aware of the climbs and falls and that we know exactly what is going on, all of the time.

At Crypto Daily, we have live prices visible via our app and on our homepage, often these tickers are enough to give you a brief glimpse of current prices at the time of viewing. Sometimes though, you may need to delve a bit deeper, especially when deciding to focus your efforts on reviewing historical trends. For your convenience, here’s a few of our favourite market review websites:


Coinmarketcap features heavily within our website and on our YouTube videos.The customisable interface of Coinmarketcap makes this a go to website for analysing historical and current cryptocurrency data, across a bright and easy to use interface.


Likewise, Cryptocompare is regularly used by our team to cross check live prices. Unlike Coinmarketcap, Cryptocompare has an instant update feature that animates live prices changes as and when they happen, helping users to become quite inspired when the markets are in the green!


Finally, Tradingview, one of the world’s most renowned financial websites. As you may know, our news pieces and technical analyses regularly feature on Tradingview, which also boasts a concise and easy to use cryptocurrency trend table. Within this, users have access to current price changes in a very readable format. Tradingview also allows users to review historical trends, though the interface is a little less easy to use than the aforementioned websites.

Our recommendations

The most important thing to consider when reviewing the markets is that you understand what you are using, therefore when deciding to review trends, use a website that is legitimate and one that you are comfortable using. When possible, try to use multiple sites to ensure that you are cross checking values to avoid using biased sources. Take your time, be meticulous and most importantly, enjoy it. Market reviews are a big part of investment, if they are not yet part of your weekly routine, then what are you waiting for?

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