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The Shiny Prospects Of Cooperation Between Crypto Projects / ADAMANT Messenger

The Shiny Prospects Of Cooperation Between Crypto Projects / ADAMANT Messenger
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Nowadays, crypto projects are strongly diverse, depending on the popularity and financial stability of each company or project. Incidentally, top cryptocurrencies and exchanges prefer to cooperate with those as profitable as they are. It happens here and there with many well-known platforms and even individuals.

Certainly, the crypto market is still a relatively young field. Nonetheless, many enthusiasts and teams have already started dozens of ingenious blockchain-based projects. Incidentally, some of them can really blow one’s mind. Unfortunately, not every development team can earn their place in the sun due to low budget, for instance. This is what often gets in their way to a fruitful cooperation with top market representatives. Consequently, some of these teams are forced to give up their ideas and leave the crypto market, and this is truly frustrating.

However, there are quite impressive projects that managed to fill a niche in the market. That is to say, ADAMANT Messenger. After completing their ICO and working hard on project’s development for 1.5 years, the team drew the attention of one of the most popular exchanges – Binance. What’s more, the ADAMANT team refuses to accept such a strong diversity between the advertised projects and the ones that have little chance to make it into the exchanges. Thus, they strongly support the idea of cooperation and do their best to push it among the members of the crypto community.

The project was launched in 2017 and pursued privacy and anonymity as its major goal. At the very beginning of their path, the ADAMANT team could not even imagine that their icon would appear on a table like this one:

This graphic was made by the crypto exchange’s designers in order to explain to people how to use BNB. Now, you may doubt the relevance of the anonymous blockchain messenger to the payment system. Let us clarify a few things for you.

This is the “Wallet” section in the ADAMANT Web app. The ADAMANT team worked on the crypto wallets’ integration to make their messenger even more convenient and secure. Consequently, the messenger now supports not only ADM (the project’s tokens) but also ETH and BNB. However, the sending options are not to end here.

As a result of hard work, dedication, and creativity, the ADAMANT developers drew the Binance CEO’s attention to their project.

Mr. Changpeng Zhao tweeted a link to one of the articles on team’s Medium blog, raising people’s interest in ADAMANT. Consequently, the number of registrations escalated quickly. Moreover, people started to purchase ADM tokens excessively and ask numerous questions on the team’s official Twitter page.

As you might have guessed, this sudden breakout convinced the ADAMANT team of the importance of cooperation even more. Pavel Yevgenov, the CEO of ADAMANT TECH LABS LP, thinks that popular crypto platforms often overshadow young and promising teams. According to him, 50% of ICO projects are considered a fraud, and this is something that has to be changed. Pavel believes that it is very hard for developers to stay afloat because not all of them can afford advertisement. Thus, many teams cannot bear the test and, as a result, give up their bright ideas and leave the market forever.

Consequently, the ADAMANT team issued an article “ADAMANT is looking for partners and friends” on their Medium blog. The article explains the importance of cooperation between newly launched crypto projects. Moreover, it states that partnership is essential for everyone who wants to strengthen their positions on the current market. Furthermore, cooperative relationships not only can boost productivity but also improve the services’ quality. Finally, the article explores the way of supporting the developers’ ideas and enhancing them in order to create something smarter, safer and overall better.

Another matter of interest is the ADAMANT 2FA solution.


Briefly, it is a two-factor authentication based on blockchain and processing within the messenger’s system. The developers claim that this is the best way to secure your account, as blockchain is able to transfer and store messages better than any other known systems.

Moreover, ADAMANT 2FA is fairly cheap because messaging fee amounts to only 0.001 ADM (0.00032 USD). Considering the ADAMANT’s security level, the price is simply ridiculous. By the way, there is more to ADAMANT’s characteristics on one of the presented graphics, which can be found on the projects’ official website. The graphic compares ADAMANT with the known “titans” of messaging such as WhatsApp, Viber, and Signal.

Certainly, 2FA is not the only suggestion made by the ADAMANT team. There are other ways of cooperation such as, media and public support and integrating other projects’ tokens and coins.

In conclusion, we must say that young crypto projects are making history at this very moment. Due to their enthusiasm, perseverance, and creativity, we can get closer to the bright future of solid privacy, brilliant IT solutions, and convenient trading. The key to these shiny prospects is cooperation and collaboration. Indeed, there is strength in unity.

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