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2018's Biggest Crypto Exchanges

2018's Biggest Crypto Exchanges
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Despite this year being hectic for the market and especially for the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin, we still expect to see cryptocurrencies stick around for a bit longer.

We want to explore some of the industries biggest cryptocurrency exchanges today, for those that don’t know, a cryptocurrency exchange allows investors to buy, sell and trade their digital assets which are bought by using fiat currencies like the USD, euro or sterling.

Let’s take a look at the trending exchanges:


This is literally the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world and it is considered to be a household name for crypto fanatics around the world.

Earlier in the month, the Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) said:

"Right now, Binance is still a major cryptocurrency exchange and many people view us as that, but we are building the ecosystem. We want to be the infrastructure services provider for the blockchain space, so we have a number of different initiatives."

Even so, Binance has brought in customers who trade at such number as half a billion US dollars a day. It seems that Binance’s $1 billion market cap is well earned.

One of the bigger advantages of Binance is its low transaction fee which is around 0.1 percent and with over 130 tradable digital currencies, Binance has got pretty much every feature you could ever need as a crypto investor.


Some call this the friendlier exchange for beginners but regardless, Coinbase does have a lot to offer.

After it was founded in 2012, the San Francisco startup was the first to earn a ‘unicorn’ status for a crypto exchange with it’s $1 billion valuations. On top of this, the great thing about Coinbase is that the service functions as not only an exchange but a wallet and toolset for merchants too.

For beginners entering the space, Coinbase is an easy to use platform which gives to the freedom to purchase coins through their wallet or trade through their sister platform GDAX - mainly for more advanced traders.

Honourable mentions

BitMEX - the Hong Kong exchange is one of the biggest trading platforms for Bitcoin and is often used by experienced crypto traders.

Kraken - founded in 2011, Kraken is a massive exchange popular for it’s huge selection of fiat currencies available to trade

OKEx - Also from Hong Kong, OKEx has over 140 coins and even has its own token called OKB.

2018 has been a huge year for cryptocurrency exchanges, who knows what 2019 will bring!

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