XRP Stays Strong Over $0.50

XRP Stays Strong Over $0.50
Almost all of the leading cryptocurrency prices for the past few days seem to have been taken over by a similar market sentiment. Sellers are have had their say on 8th November, values returned lower following an efficient bull run, however, the results at the end of the week is by no doubt positive as digital assets take their position onto the higher trading ground. XRP is the third biggest by market cap by the San-Francisco blockchain developing payment protocol company Ripple Labs and is changing hands’ against the US Dollar at just over $0.50 with a 1.10% over the past 24 hours. Looking at CoinMarketCap, we can see that the pair has overcome the formed dropping trend while balancing the bulls and bears impact above the $0.50 region which suggests that there is still support to stand ground or possibly even move higher. Weiss Ratings put the coin under it’s must buy assets in the digital industry giving it a B grade, which means buy. It also gave ADA, XLM and EOS a B grade. “These are among the few that are beginning to put it all together — the advanced tech and adoption in the real world. They’re not all the way there yet. But they’re making good progress.”
Combining the results of all four models, we arrive at a final grade, from “A” to “E.” Any grade of “B-” or better is the equivalent of a “Buy.” “D+” or lower is “sell.” And “C” implies no action — “hold” if you already own it; “avoid” if you don’t.”
Surprisingly, Bitcoin was given a C rating which, as it says above, means you should avoid it if you don’t have it or keep ahold of it if you do. With the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (Nasdaq) crypto platform coming earlier next year, the company is in the talks with Ripple to bring back XRP to be one of the first cryptocurrencies to be listed on the exchange.
“The two-way process has been ongoing for more than four months and XRP is scheduled to be one of the initial coins listed when Nasdaq launches its crypto platform in early 2019.”
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