XRP Shows Big Promise For Year End

XRP Shows Big Promise For Year End

The third biggest cryptocurrency in the space, XRP is still seeing price gains whereas the other coins and tokens seem to have been recording drops or just a few marginal gains. If look to Ethereum for example, the second biggest cryptocurrency is down by 1%. If this trend continues, with Ethereum dropping and XRP gaining, we could soon see XRP take the silver medal. Prior to this, despite XRP overtaking Ethereum in the past, the move was only temporary and Ethereum took the position back in just a few hours.

On the same day, the CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse has spoken out regarding Ripple’s success. Talking about the company with Bloomberg in a recent interview, Garlinghouse noted that XRP is a thousand times faster and cheaper than Bitcoin. During the interview, the CEO made it clear that Bitcoin is weak in comparison to XRP which has a lot of potential.

Garlinghouse also spoke about how Ripple is on the verge to take over as the main international payments processor, taking out the majority of banks and one of it's greatest competitor - SWIFT.

Nevertheless, Ripple isn’t perfect and with overshadowing worries, Ripple still isn’t a safe option. Currently, the firm is battling a lawsuit that might see XRP classified as a security. If the court ends up ruling XRP as a security, this could see the token fall, and hard.

Over the past couple of days, there has been a twist in the tale as court documents have confirmed that Ripple has filed to have the case moved to a federal level. According to recent reports, this is a tactical move that will allow the company to prove that XRP is both a token and not a token.

Several analysts and Ripple themselves are positive that the lawsuit will be dropped and XRP will remain the way it is.

As reported by ZyCrypto, it is expected that the bulls will continue to push on prices with more pressure being applied whenever XRP comes close to overtake Ethereum. A repeat of what has happened twice this year is just a step away so maybe the third time will the final time? In fact, this time XRP might just solidify itself to its place in the market.

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