Why TRX Should Be Considered By Bakkt

Why TRX Should Be Considered By Bakkt

With the launch of Bitcoin futures being delayed, contracts by Bakkt came to the minds of numerous crypto traders. This was because many crypto traders and enthusiasts had called the 12th December to be the day that more institutional investors would enter the market and start investing more in the space. With this in mind, Wall Street firms have been assessed by many as being the thing that will bring in the much-needed funds to prop up the value of Bitcoin and the crypto market as a whole.

So essentially this would make the popular network, Bakkt be the thing that would end the bear market that had been sped up by the Bitcoin Cash Hash War.

The CEO of Bakkt, Kelly Loeffler updated the crypto communities in a medium post saying that the date for the launch had been pushed forward to 24th January next year. Loeffler went on to explain the reasons for the delay saying that the company needed more time to put in place the necessary final pieces needed for the venture to be successful. This includes the regulatory framework, test and re-testing processes and more.

Following the announcement that the launch was to be delayed the Bakkt team went to Twitter to say that they would be considering more contracts to be added that were linked to other digital assets.

It was stated by Bakkt in the tweet that they will be considering more contract as the landscape evolves and as they receive additional customer feedback. With this tweet, the prominent TRON community member Misha Lederman took this to be a sign that she should write a letter to Bakkt on behalf of the TRON community explaining why the network should consider including TRX.

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