TRON Improving Against EOS

TRON Improving Against EOS

The TRON platform has grown in popularity due to how unique it is as a system which has different features such as streaming, content delivery and holding storage in the most secure and simple manner. In recent weeks, the platform has seen some massive growth especially in terms of its daily transaction volumes. The recent development has been announced on Twitter by Justin Sun, the companies firms founder and CEO.

In a recent Tweet, Sun said that TRON’s transaction volume on a daily basis is now increasing at a rate of more than $20,000 every day. He even went on to take a light dig at EOS saying that the new record now makes TRX ten times bigger than their rival. Different users joined the thread to offer their opinions to the world.

Some have expressed their concern regarding the TRON growth, saying that the large volume might not even count. Other users expressed their shock that TRON’s volume could have really jumped from $1 million to $2 million out of nowhere.

There has even been talk that the followers on social media for TRON might not even be real.

Another user wondering what kind of utility the digital currency was able to bring to the table especially to the institutions.

As reported by ZyCrypto:

“TRX supporters made their presence felt with their pro-Tron comments. According to one of them, TRX is currently 100 times better as compared to EOS. For one, Tron has just launched its own exchange platform called Tron Market.”

Speculation is floating around that TRON is preparing itself to ‘rocket to the moon’ in terms of price but this is yet to be seen..

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