The Technology Behind Ripple Has More Potential Than Bitcoin

The Technology Behind Ripple Has More Potential Than Bitcoin

During this year, Ripple Inc has been showing signs of significant growth. Its recognition not only institutions but also on a domestic level is quite remarkable and day by day the community of XRP enthusiasts and followers seem to be stronger and more outspoken than ever before.

According to the Chief strategist over at Ripple, Cory Johnson, the reason for why Ripple is so popular is much more than just a propaganda stunt. In a recent interview published by Steven Diep, Johnson mentions that even though the technology behind Bitcoin is ‘poor’, the development of XRP surpasses it in many ways.

Diep posted part of the interview on his Twitter:

Efficiency is key

For Johnson, one of the important aspects of Ripple’s blockchain is the sheer volume of payments that it can handle every second.

“Bitcoin has real technological limitations around how many transactions it can do per hour. Let alone…nobody even talks about per minute … XRP does 1500 transactions [per] second.“

By processing such a huge number of transactions in that little time is a vital aspect to ensure a massive adoption and scalability of the project in the future.

Johnson says that another problem in which XRP turns out to be a better blockchain is related to the energetic efficiency.

“Mining is increasingly expensive … and consumes power … And also the way it [ineffectively distributes] power to the miners … presently, 80% of all bitcoin is being mined in China … XRP does not have mining.”

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