Next Cycle Of AT Token To Be Released By ABCC

Next Cycle Of AT Token To Be Released By ABCC

 The goal of the ABCC is to be able to build and nurture a blockchain-enabled digital asset platform. The firm wants to build bridges between developers, investors and digital asset users, to facilitate effective information flow and value creation. ABCC look to aid visionary virtual asset investors to reach their investment goals and help blockchain project teams which look promising by securing funding and gaining market recognition by providing select digital assets, designing and operating innovative digital assets, and investing in and supporting blockchain projects with high growth potential.

To sum up, the goal of the company is to promote a sustainable and healthy growth of the blockchain industry. Now, ABCC is preparing to release it’s very own token, AT which is going to start its second cycle at 12:00 on Nov 6th (UTC+8). In the period stated herein, on each day, exactly 175,000 AT will be released via ToM; each mining block will release 43,750 AT. Issued on 9th July, the impact of the decreasing number of AT is that a smaller circulation is more likely to drive the price up. It’s worth mentioning that 80% of trading fees from the platform go to holders of AT in the form of Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT. The token will be also be used in the new financial products like the Daily Option.

Some of the most notable milestones that are in the pipeline include the Pro Version with a night mode, full-screen trading view an optimised interface and easier usage. November will see the second version launched with some key features such as stop loss, stop limit and so on. It’s worth mentioning that the ABCC Wallet is currently under development and that by the end of the year, the first version will be released after receiving feedback from the community. New financial products are also in development so that users will have more use case on ABCC to lockup basic cryptocurrencies for the interest rate. Also in the pipeline for November is the Bitcoin 24 hour call/put feature options using AT as a settlement.

In addition to this, the first crypto fund product - similar to a savings account product in a bank - are being tested and holders of AT are welcome to go and be the first to test. In the first quarter of next year, there will be a dozen of tokens and coins which will be able to be used in Margin trading. The team is always working hard to constantly improve the trading experience and premium investment opportunities which are fundamental and reflect the mission of the company. To find out more about ABCC, click here.

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