New Report Shows An Increase In Active Bitcoin Addresses

New Report Shows An Increase In Active Bitcoin Addresses
A new report by the massive crypto exchange, Huobi shows EOS having a good week as well as a number of active Bitcoin addresses continuing to increase as well as the IOTA project having a decent volume of updates to their code on Github. In the report, called Huobi Blockchain Big Data, statistics were crowding every corner of the page on the 7th November that breaks down the activities of the last crypto weeks (October 24th - October 31st). The report looks to social media and market trends data, transaction fees, distribution of wealth on selected blockchain protocols, the movement of digital assets, trending crypto keywords and activity on dApps.In the markets, the prices of crypto assets went down even though the trading increased massively with EOS surging by over 100 percent. The number of Bitcoin addresses has been increasing over the past month and a half. The number of addresses has almost reached 3.7 million which shows a 1.8 percent jump from the prior week. This is the biggest number of active Bitcoin addresses recorded over the past two months. 1.35 million Bitcoin addresses were created this week alone.The number of Ethereum addresses saw an increase of 2.6 percent from 1.166 million from the week before to this’s weeks number of 1.196 million. As stated by blokt:
“The transaction volume for the Bitcoin network decreased by 5.82 percent from 5.949 million to 5.602 million. The number of transactions increased by 3 percent from the previous week to reach 1.768 million. The average amount of BTC traded per transaction declined by 8.6 percent from the previous week and now equals 3.17 BTC.”
The transaction fees on the Bitcoin network increased from 114.6 BTC to 120.4 BTC. The transaction amount of Bitcoin rising by three percent and reached the highest amount from the recent six months. The average amount of Ethereum that was traded per transaction went down by nine percent, similar to Bitcoin, the number of transaction fees on the Ethereum network increased from around 10,000 ETH to 10,400 ETH.The total number of transactions on the EOS platform went up by just over ten percent to reach just under 22 million. What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think down below in the comments!
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