Mother Of All Chains (MOAC) Flying High In Midst Of Volatile Period

Mother Of All Chains (MOAC) Flying High In Midst Of Volatile Period

The Mother of all Chains, or MOAC, is going through a very bumpy period at the moment and looks to be giving it’s investors quite a lot to think about. As an investment opportunity, MOAC has been very slow since it entered the markets in January 2018. Sadly, since this period MOAC has only fallen in terms of value, and currently resides way under its potential high value. Even so though, as we can see by inspecting the markets, MOAC seems to be involved in a very bumpy period of late, making opposing gains and declines all in the space of a few hours. Is this the right time to buy or sell MOAC? Investors are now asking what to do next with their MOAC, though from what we can see at the moment, the cryptocurrency is far too volatile to tell. As it starts to decline and as investors get the urge to sell, MOAC seems to swing back upwards, encouraging more people to buy. If nothing else, MOAC is simply demonstrating how risky and how volatile the cryptocurrency markets are. Therefore, please remember that even through MOAC looks promising at the moment, risk is still very high and  that therefore, investment should be carried out as a result of your own prior research. Only invest what you can afford to lose. Many of you may be wondering exactly what MOAC is. MOAC is ranked quite low in terms of market capitalisation, but still remains to be one of the bigger cryptocurrencies across the markets. Put it this way, with over 1,000 tokens and coins in circulation, having any position within the top 100 cryptocurrencies is impressive. What is MOAC? According to the MOAC website:

“MOAC is a revolutionary platform with a Multi-Blockchain smart contract and P2P service network to efficiently build and scale decentralized applications. By leveraging Multi-Blockchain sharding, the MOAC platform increases system capacity and performance, reduces transaction fees for smart contracts, and incentivizes mobile and desktop users to compete for processing rewards.”

Like Ethereum, the MOAC blockchain has been designed to allow users to build Dapps.

“The platform is a Multi-Blockchain software and deployment service solution for rapid development of decentralized applications (Dapps) and smart contracts on a scalable P2P service network. By using an advanced layered architecture for asynchronous smart contracts and a variety of configurable consensus systems (including “proof of work” and “proof of stake”), the MOAC platform enhances existing Dapps with additional functionality, and scalability solutions. This advancement increases processing speed by several levels of magnitude (10-100x) and sets a new market standard for transactional efficiency, while optimizing decentralization mechanisms and overall security.”

What makes MOAC different? As stated, MOAC is similar to Ethereum in a way, however has been designed to address some of the inefficiencies that people experience on the Ethereum blockchain, issues such as scalability that seem to plague Ethereum developers at the moment. According to MOAC:

“MOAC has addressed the primary inefficiencies of existing blockchain platforms by developing a Multi-Blockchain architecture that lowers Dapps costs, provides for scalability, and reduces development complexity while also increasing transaction speeds and volume using sharding. MOAC leverages multiple blockchains within its platform, including MotherChain (Proof of Work), a Dapp Chain (Proof of Stake or any other consensus protocol, see below sections) for scalable transactions, Microchains for Smart Contracts, and Cross-Chain capabilities for interacting between multiple blockchains and cryptocurrencies for improved efficiency, and scalability. By separating balance transfer and smart contracts, the MOAC Platform can outperform Ethereum by 100x transactions per second using an advanced Mutli-blockchain system including Microchains and sharding.”

The big question, why is MOAC flying? As it stands, we can’t tell exactly why MOAC is moving around so much at the moment and we can’t really guess why MOAC is taking on such significant climbs. By reviewing the MOAC roadmap however, we can see that there is a new update set to roll out across the MOAC blockchain next month. December 2018 will see the launch of Nuwa. According to the roadmap, this will include:

  • “Next Generation P2P Sharding System Release”
  • “Payment System At Full Capacity”
  • “High Performance Storage Online”
  • “EVM Hardware Chip Is Running”

We could argue then, that some of MOACs more recent movements could be down to speculation surrounding the pending release of Nuwa, though we are pretty sure there is a little more to this than just speculation. Either way, no matter what’s causing it, MOAC seems to be performing quite well at the moment.

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