How TRON Is Doing Better Than Ethereum

How TRON Is Doing Better Than Ethereum

The performance of TRON seemed to be improving since the launch of its decentralised application, TRONbet. The number of its registered daily transactions also improved massively and even grew higher than that of Ethereums.

In October, the dApp, TRONbet made more than half a million individual transactions which were far greater than Ethereum’s daily transaction volume. This suggests that the TRON dApps perform better than Ethereum dApp IDEX. Currently, the volume of a daily transaction performed by TRON dApps is up by around 551,700 while the IDEX dApp on Ethereum records around 9,120.

TRON dApps by all accounts seem to have a much faster performance in registering transactions and with this, we can only expect an improved performance.

This means that the decentralised apps function in a way that the system performs at a better pace with an increase in transactions and through that it becomes stronger too. Ethereum’s blockchain seems to be performing quite slow since there are so many transactions on a daily basis which is can’t seem to handle.

The daily active users on TRONbet are around 1,923 when Ethereum IDEZ has just under 950. Even though TRON has less decentralised apps, the increase in the number of transaction makes it outperform Ethereum.

Quality over quantity?

The TRON Foundation has been open in teaming up with programmers and developers, this further enables them to have an edge over, what was the second biggest cryptocurrency, Ethereum.

A recent report shows that a website which monitors the performance of the dApps just selected TRON dApps to be listed on its platform. The website in question, dAppRader allows users and developers to track dApps data on EOS, Ethereum and now TRON in an easy manner. Both users and developers go to understand changes in the market based on the provided data.

As reported by ZyCrypto:

“Tron has been able to increase the performance of its network by improving its Dapps products. Now it’s Tronbet performance has surpassed Ethereum IDEX by functionality and usage.”

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