Ethereum Marketplace To Be Launched On Enterprise Blockchain

Ethereum Marketplace To Be Launched On Enterprise Blockchain

A subsidiary of ConsenSys, Kaledio is starting a marketplace of plug and play services to help blockchain projects from proof of concept to live production business networks.

The company recently announced that the product at the Web Summit in Lisbon and is working with Amazon Web Services to provide the enterprise blockchain platform.

According to the company, early adopters of Kaledio Marketplace have eliminated 80 percent of the custom code required to build their blockchain projects which will save energy and time to focus on what happens next.

“The full-stack platform includes plug-and-play tools from Kaleido, Amazon Web Services, and third-party developers. A survey conducted by PwC in August 2018 found that 84 percent of executives said their companies were “actively involved” with distributed ledger technology.”

However, there is a lack of talent and skills in the industry so many companies will struggle to complete their blockchain solutions to get them up and running. The marketplace includes native AWS integrations, HD wallets for privacy and ID registries for organisational identity.

Also on the platform is the offer of blockchain tools and services for smart contract oracles, smart chain management and legal contracts in real time. Kaleido’s Blockchain Business Cloud seems to have helped firms create more than a thousand blockchain networks. The Chief Operations Officer and co-founder, Sophia Lopez claims:

“We’ve seen successful patterns of deployment as enterprise networks go into production and we’ve baked these best practices into the Kaleido Marketplace services, to help radically simplify the adoption of blockchain and eliminate some of the specialized blockchain expertise needed.”

As reported by News BTC, the co-founder and CEO of Kaleido, Steve Cerveny explained that there is much more to an enterprise blockchain project than the distributed ledger itself. The platform, built in cooperation with Amazon Web Services and ConsenSys will aim to help companies bring blockchain into their firms in a smooth way.

“The reality is only about 10 percent of an enterprise blockchain project is the blockchain itself. There are many other application, data and infrastructure components required to go into production. I’m very excited that we have a whole cloud of blockchain technologies pre-integrated for our clients to use. The Kaleido Marketplace is a one-stop shop for all things enterprise blockchain.”

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