Blockchain Is On The Way To PlayStation

Blockchain Is On The Way To PlayStation

The blockchain gaming industry has been growing over the past year, now a massive step forward has been taken with the PlayStation 4’s release of ‘Plague Hunters’, bringing the blockchain right to the fore of mainstream gaming.


Arcade Distillery is the company behind the game's development. After being founded in 2015 in New York the firm has come far with getting several titles on the PlayStation Vita, Xbox One Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Spokespeople from the company have said that the game is built through the Ethereum blockchain.


As it says on the Arcade Distillery website. Plague Hunters is a single player role-playing game with some element of Player v Player. The game is the sequel to the highly successful Plague Road which was released in May last year.


“Build your army of hunters. Train them and prepare them for battle. Trade your hunters on the blockchain-based marketplace with other players.”


Plague Hunters is going to be a free to play game which will be featured on the marketplace for peer-to-peer transactions. The game went through the Sony review process and passed with flying colours and satisfies all of PlayStation’s present terms and conditions regardless of its varied blockchain elements. It is the first blockchain game to receive such approval.


As reported by Live Bitcoin News:


“Like other blockchain-based games, the assets in “Plague Hunters,” including weapons, outfits and other items, can be purchased with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The game is slated for release in quarter one of 2019, and the PC and Nintendo Switch versions are currently in development. The company has also stated that it is examining the possibilities of both mobile and Xbox One releases.”


Other games based on blockchain that we have seen this year include Gods Unchained. This game is set to begin its beta in the coming weeks. There were scalability problems that the plagued the game which prevented the game from functioning right while directly on the blockchain and thus delaying its release.


On top of this, the Hash Rush game is gaining popularity as it is built on the Ethereum blockchain which uses on-chain transactions and NFT model for exchanging in-game assets while gameplay is processed off-chain.


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