Trump's Attorney A Believer In Crypto Time Travel?

Trump's Attorney A Believer In Crypto Time Travel?

During Donald Trump’s campaign to become President (and thereafter) there has been quite a lot controversy. With different policies and things that the President has said and promised to be at the forefront of this.

Trump’s interim replacement for Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker once backed up a cryptocurrency that had the idea of time-travel in mind.

Time Travel X was looking for donations in Bitcoin two years ago in order to make time travel an actual thing and it was backed by World Patent Marketing, a firm based in Florida.

Whitaker was paid around $10,000 in 2014 by the company which no longer exists as it says in court filings in order to serve on its advisory board as it attempted to market the cryptocurrency project as well as a series of other strange inventions.

The Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint against the World Patent Marketing firm last year in accusations that those people who hooked in lost their life savings or ending up in piles of debt as a result of being involved in the company. In May this year, a Florida court ordered the firm to shut down and pay a $25 million settlement.

The acting attorney for the President has appeared in promotional videos for World Patent Marketing as well as providing some quotes of backing it in a few press releases.

In the press material released by World Patent Marketing, Whittaker said:

"As a former US Attorney, I would only align myself with a first-class organisation. World Patent Marketing goes beyond making statements about doing business 'ethically' and translate those words into action."

The Time Travel X endeavour appears to have also had the support from a theoretical physicist and faculty member of the University of Connecticut, Dr Ronald Mallett.

A video published in 2016 by World Patent Marketing explains:

"For years, Dr Mallett has conducted research on time travel based on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. WPM’s founder and successful entrepreneur Scott Cooper has built a financial instrument to fund Dr. Mallett’s research. Time Travel Technologies gives you the opportunity to fund the research that will help to make time travel possible."

The Independent reported that they have been trying to get in touch with Dr Mallet but haven’t received any response as of yet.

As for Whitaker, who was appointed acting attorney general by President Trump earlier this week also couldn’t be reached for a comment.

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