Happy First Anniversary - Crypto Daily!

Happy First Anniversary - Crypto Daily!

Welcome to Crypto Daily, the home of cryptocurrency and blockchain and the hottest spot for breaking and trending cryptocurrency news. We’re the new kids on the block, but as we celebrate our first anniversary, we want to look back on our previous achievements to see how far we have come, in order to determine how far we are going to go.

So, you might ask, what have we achieved in the past year?

Cryptodaily.co.uk is now the home of one million visitors a month, with our news, stories and reports reaching a growing community, we are helping to spread the word of crypto to more and more people than ever before.

By sharing fair, honest and transparent news, we are able to help newcomers with their very first investments and moreover, can help seasoned veterans finetune their own decisions to help grow their portfolios, ensuring that all of our readers get the most out of this blossoming industry.

We couldn’t have done this without the help of our partners. During the past year, we have secured listings on top crypto news mobile apps, including; CoinMarketApp, Crypto App and ICO Alarm, as well as being listed on top news sites such as Google News, Tradingview and NewsNow.

Our dedicated news team of writers, correspondence and technical analysts have learned a lot over the past 12-months. That's 12-months of knowledge that is now shared with all of you and 12-months of knowledge that is growing by the day. It’s a lot of knowledge to fit into the heads of our small team, but we manage it.

We’ve even secured a partnership with crypto superstar Charlie Shrem and the Crypto IQ team, bolstering our reputation for serious crypto news and ensuring our readers never miss a beat.

Of course, our knowledge isn’t much use if it’s only available in English is it? The world’s a big place, therefore, for us, translation is vital. As a result of this, cryptodaily.co.uk developing translations for French, Bulgarian and Chinese, through work completed by our team of in-house translators, all of whom are native in their language. This is just the start of our new network of translations that aims to cover at least 70 of the world’s languages.

There are no algorithms used here, just honest news, translated by honest people.

Social media is a big part of our product. Our growth in the past year has been complemented by a dedicated social media team, making it easier for our community to find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, YouTube and more. Plus, don’t forget our dedicated app, available on Android and Apple mobile devices.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is growing by the day, we will keep up with it, if only to ensure that you, our readers, are in touch with the news that matters. No FUD, No FOMO, just cryptocurrency and blockchain news, the stuff you want and the stuff you deserve to know.

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