Binance Aims To Inspire Institutional Investment

Binance Aims To Inspire Institutional Investment

Digital currencies need to head into the next stage of maturity. For service providers, this means attracting additional institutional investors. Binance is the latest firm to target this particular group. New services are being developed to make sure that professional investors can enter with confidence.

This year has been an interesting one for Binance. The world’s leading digital currency exchange continues to make inroads in many ways. Its venture into Uganda has been well-documented this year. There is also the move to Malta in search of more favourable regulatory measures. In many instances, the island of Malta is seen as the most open-minded regarding digital currencies and blockchain technology.

In new news, Binance wants to look after professional investors. The firm is currently developing new services for institutional-grade speculators and investors. This is similar to other companies constant mission to focus on security and reliability. Institutional investors are a crucial demographic for the space and there are several firms which look to spearhead into this market over the next few years.

Working on several projects has given Binance the means to gain a competitive edge on the others. Some of the up and coming features have been mentioned in a new report. Support for sub-accounts is one of the more noteworthy changes being introduced, any transfer between sub-accounts will take place without paying fees. Essentially, this should improve the quality of life improvements which can be vital to institutional traders.

Given this volume of crypto-related ventures focusing on institutional traders. Binance will be looking at a tough time. At the time of writing, not many of these drivers have been successful even the Bitcoin futures products don’t seem to be making much of an impact that the people expected. Neither is the industry any closer to receiving the almighty Bitcoin ETF.

As reported by Live Bitcoin News:

“With the help of Binance, however, things may look very different. The company is making a lot of strategic decisions which seem to work out well. Its new strategic analysis division has already gained some attention. Moreover, the firm continues to expand globally at an aggressive pace. Singapore is the next region of keen interest to the company. With the help of Vertex Ventures, a new fiat-to-crypto trading platform will be established.”

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