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Xpring And Instant Payments Now A Reality For Ripple

Xpring And Instant Payments Now A Reality For Ripple
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Ripple has recently launched the fund transfer solutions called xRapid and xCurrent and now, Xpring. Aside from joining several corporate institutions and banks throughout the world. The banks that are using Ripple Net have adopted XRP to be their number one token of choice in sending faster cross-border payments. For those who don’t know, Xpring has the potential to increase XRP adoption in its ecosystem. As reported by ZyCrypto, the senior vice president at Ripple, Ethan Beard spoke regarding Xpring and said:
“With Xpring, we’re focused on the broader XRP ecosystem. Ripple, as a company, focuses on the Internet of Value – helping money move as easily as data. Our core business is ‘helping banks move money – mainly across the border’ and we’ve got great momentum there. At the same time, we think XRP and the XRP Ledger has a lot of use cases above and beyond what’s going on in the banking world. And so, with Xpring, we’re actually looking to identify, amplify, and help those projects take off and get off the board.”
But this is just the start, Ripple has now launched another text-based crypto transfer solution which has made traditional banks look a tad silly. Ripple didn’t beat about the bush when they expressed their funny side in joking about how slow traditional banks are. In a recent Twitter update, Ripple argued that given the slow nature of transaction processing traditional financial systems, banks would be better off using planes to transport money to recipients. During this time, XRP Text is its beta testing phase and was created and released by the independent developer majoring in blockchain related solutions, WietseWind. The developer said that the system might not be perfect and that glitches would be expected at this stage. Nevertheless, the beta testing phase is always meant to find and weed out any system glitches in order to perfect a system. The after effects of this mean that Ripple has been making a lot of leeway and that it is bound to work in its favour in the future. The fact that most of the developments are focused on boosting the market value for XRP as a digital currency might see some benefits in the future.

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