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Why You Should Keep Your Coins To Yourself

Why You Should Keep Your Coins To Yourself
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With cryptocurrency, it’s often hard to determine how much you should talk about in the public sphere. When you make money, you want to tell people, your friends your family, however, have you ever thought about how this, in turn, could be putting your assets at risk? If you have invested a lot of money in crypto, or your investments have paid off and your digital currency funds have doubled then this is a great situation to be in and so you want to share your success with your friends and family or maybe just boast to random strangers on social networking sites like Reddit or Twitter. It only takes one random user on the internet to feel a bit jealous of your success and they attempt to use cyber attacks or threats to get your riches and make them theirs. There is a lot of information that can be seen from a social media profile including your location, name, date of birth, everything that you put on the account can be seen by the whole internet. Now, this isn’t an advertisement for how to be safe on the internet (although it is important) but you it’s something that should be known. As said on the Trezor blog on Medium, this doesn’t just apply to online communications but it is also something you should take into account when you’re in the real world. If you’re out in your local pub at the weekend then your Trezor wallet probably isn’t the best topic to start with (and I can’t imagine it’s the best way to make friends either). Trezor hardware wallet, Model T or One is perfectly safe and great places for keeping your keys and coin but don’t go shouting about it. Keeping a low profile will protect you from other coins and other people trying to steal your funds. Although these things might seem obvious and most of you will already know this it has happened in the past for enthusiasts to lose their earnings so it’s worth reiterating for fresh faces in the industry You should avoid boasting about your success with crypto and avoid discussing your account balances with people you don’t trust. This applies to fiat currency as well. Oh, and don’t say any of it online, that could literally be the worst place to boast about your investments. What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think down below in the comments!

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