University In France Accepts Bitcoin For Tuition

University In France Accepts Bitcoin For Tuition
Paris’s Financia Business School has started to accept Bitcoin for tuition payments which is much to the delight of several foreign students. The future could be the way of Disruptive technology. With the blockchain and digital currencies, processes like supply chain management and cross-border payments have been made more efficient while saving companies money in the process. This is just one of the reasons that engineers specialised in the blockchain have such a high demand. According to Live Bitcoin News:
“This interest has filtered through to the education sector, with top universities offering industry-related courses. French-based Financia Business School has taken things one step further and is now accepting cryptocurrency as payment for tuition.”
The school has already accepted crypto payments from students including one called Adam Hasib who paid his registration fees fully in Bitcoin. Hasib explained the process by saying:
“I became interested in this technology very early on and quickly became a staunch follower of the blockchain’s decentralized model. By June 2017 I had acquired my first bitcoins, which allowed me to pay the registration deposit at school with the added value achieved in the meantime! I just had to contact the administration to get the address “wallet” before depositing my deposit at the school and the trick was played!”
Almost 25% of students at the French school are foreign which means that foreign payments and all the delays and excessive fees that come with it. By partnering up with a blockchain based platform called Coin Capital, the fee process is being aided and the school is making payments transactions a lot easier and more secure for these students. The school is specialised in finance which sees itself as innovative and accepting of new technologies as is evidenced by its new method of payments. It aims to continue looking into the blockchain by developing its own token which will be used as a medium of exchange both within the school and within partner institutions.
“The school also hopes to introduce Proof of Concept (PoC) for students’ blockchain projects as well as continue and build on their existing courses on blockchain and crypto-related topics.”
Perhaps if more and more universities which teach crypto start to make it a valid payment method then it would be in everyone’s best interest. Should more universities start to accept crypto? Let us know what you think down in the comments below!
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