Ubisoft Excited By Potential Blockchain Tech Has For The Gaming Industry

Ubisoft Excited By Potential Blockchain Tech Has For The Gaming Industry
We all know that blockchain technology has huge implications for the gaming industry. The blockchain has the ability to revamp game ownership, game downloads, licensing, progress storage and even gameplay itself. The Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) are the latest group working towards fostering new gaming technologies within the blockchain, and see’s the alliance of such gaming magnates as Ubisoft, ConsenSys and more.BGA want to create a common approach in the development of blockchain technology for gaming. They want to spread the word of the blockchain and want to make the blockchain fully adoptable by the gaming community. According to MCVUK, the BGA have stated:
“Convinced that this breakthrough technology brings numerous new benefits to the whole ecosystem, from developers to players, we provide an open forum for all stakeholders to share knowledge and collaborate on research that foster new ways to create and play games. Our ultimate goal is to help spread the integration of Blockchain by developing common standards and best practices.”
By having common standards and practices, the BGA can create a culture that is pro-blockchain, a culture that allows the technology to flourish and compliment the gaming industry. Having a common approach to this is important, as it’s the only way gaming companies can make sure their blockchain developments are mutually beneficial to everyone in the gaming community. Therefore, the BGA want to establish very specific guidelines, guidelines that aim to make the blockchain more approachable for gamers.Nicholas Gilot, the CEO of Ultra, one of the other members of the BGA has said:
“The Blockchain Game Alliance is advocating for a universal standard in the blockchain gaming space to create a more interoperable and transparent ecosystem, which will benefit stakeholders, by furthering innovation and ensuring economic viability.”
By being reinforced by such big names as Ubisoft, the BGA already have a very solid authority, therefore their research and recommendations will be taken on board across the gaming community. This isn’t a blockchain company trying to force their technology onto the gaming industry, rather, this is a bunch of gaming magnates working together to make the gaming industry a better place, by getting it ready for mass blockchain adoption. References MCVUK
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