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TRONs New Project Brings BitTorrent Users To Their Blockchain

TRONs New Project Brings BitTorrent Users To Their Blockchain
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Fusing file sharing and the blockchain together is one of TRONs latest aims. With their latest project named ‘Atlas’ this could soon be a reality. Blending blockchain technology with a BitTorrent huge peer-to-peer infrastructure. After acquiring BitTorrent in July this year, TRON also gained over 100 million active monthly users. BitTorrent is a well made peer-to-peer network with a developed and tested infrastructure. However, only time will tell on how well this fusing will function. In this interesting move, it begs the question of what does this all actually means? File sharing through means of peer-to-peer has always been a popular way of trading information and media online. Over 25 million people use this type of file sharing to either share or download every day. File sharing is almost as old as the internet itself. Advocates of file sharing are fast to bring attention to the value of promoting democracy, free exchange of ideas and openness. Critics of file sharing will be quick to note that it is used by criminals and pirates on torrenting platforms. With TRONs new project, Atlas, the attempt to fuse the two spaces together aim to improve on what file sharing is and how it works. By improving how BitTorrent works and functions by introducing blockchain technology and tokens. There are already reward systems in place on BitTorrent which encourages users to share files and be more sensible as members of the community. The system will use tokens to reward users who ‘seed’ more files and use nodes which are quicker as well as those who share their storage space and bandwidth. The aim of this is to increase download speed and make the whole file sharing experience much better and overall just a lot smoother for the users. On top of this, the original software by BitTorrent will continue to work with updated in the process all the time. This is due to it being backwards compatible. It’s worth noting that the team has promised to keep BitTorrent products free of charge. We’re sure this will be good news for the user base of the software. Torrenting has always had a dodgy reputation which it may never lose the shackles of, however, the Atlas project aims to improve the experience for users. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments down below! Reference CCN

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