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TRON Still Best Performer Against BTC, XRP & ETH

TRON Still Best Performer Against BTC, XRP & ETH
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In recent months, TRON has seen some slight upward movement and currently sits at number eleven on the top 100 cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap. September is where TRON really found its legs as it was listed on the Crypto Exchange Platform. Being listed here means that users on the platform will be able to buy TRX in exchange for dollars via their own credit cards. This impact has put TRON on a higher level of usage and an attraction of investors and digital currency fanatics who are looking for the next big thing in the crypto space. Despite TRON being priced at under $1, a recent report by can see the coin jumping above the $1 mark within the next five years. TRX ranks at the fourth best coin to buy that is priced under $1 along with XRP, DGB and XVG. The TRON platform enables users to set up and store applications, execute good contracts using their blockchain. This lets them publish data and contents, easily this is great for big industries like media and the entertainment industry. TRON’s hidden blockchain is very advanced and can easily take hold of plenty of data. All the problems that have attacked the industry, TRX has almost always come out bright in the end and has hindered the performance of the other coins as if it doesn’t get affected by tsunamis that occasionally attack the industry. TRX is ranked as one of the best performers on CoinMarketCap and is seen as an emerging cryptocurrency, however, in the end, TRX has done well compared to other smaller coins. The CEO of TRON, Justin Sun has grown massively in followers on Facebook with over 1 million fans through the social network. TRX has a very dedicated following online which is fueled by the constant tweeting and interacting of Sun’s Twitter. Why is TRX doing so well? There are several factors that have impacted the growth of the digital currency. According to the official website, their aim is to decentralise the method through which content is shared on the internet that creative people such as artists and musicians can share their content without any middlemen like YouTube, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and so on. To do this, they have employed effective tools that are strengthening them to rank among the top performers in the crypto space and investors delight. What are your thoughts? Where do you TRON going in the next five years? Let us know what you think down in the comments below! References: ZyCrypto

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