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TRON Could Bring More Games To Blockchain

TRON Could Bring More Games To Blockchain
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Earlier this week, the teams behind the TRON Foundation and BitGuild announced their first game to be added onto the TRON blockchain called Magic Academy. The fiction game will allow users to barter and haggle gaming items as well as buying upgrades for their items and so much more. There will also be a TRC20 token which will fuel transactions in the game on the TRON blockchain. TVM The TRON Virtual Machine will be the last piece to complete the TRON Mainnet which will allow users to design smart contracts in a friendly environment as well as testing them before going live. The TRON Virtual Machine will be able to work with Ethereum’s and it will also allow developers to code in the solidity programming language. Working with Ethereum is a great step forward and will be vital in migrating major decentralised apps from the Ethereum platform which will need a higher throughput than the current one available on Ethereum’s platform. Miles Ahead TRON is 200 times faster than Ethereum which makes it miles ahead of its rival. In the past, we’ve seen games on the blockchain such as Pepe the Farmer and Crypto Kitties but have left congestion issues on the Ethereum platform. This is primarily due to the platform only being able to handle up to 25 transactions per second. But on the other hand, TRON has seen over 2,000 transactions per second on several occasions in the past. Despite all this, TRON is better suited for putting games on the blockchain. Looking into the past, the initial whitepaper by the team at TRON shows that their original plans were to decentralise the entertainment as a whole. One of the parts of the plan include games, however, since then TRON new plan isn’t just aimed at the entertainment industry but for the whole internet to be decentralised. The whitepaper went onto analyse the size of the market and the growth of the gaming industry too. The mobile gaming industry stood out as online mobile games have occupied our lives as you can see people play angry birds - or something similar - in a park, bus or waiting in the doctor's office. These are the kind of games that need to be developed for the blockchain. What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think down in the comments below! References: Ethereum World News

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