Time Is The Only Cure For Bitcoin’s Price Volatility Issues

Time Is The Only Cure For Bitcoin’s Price Volatility Issues

One of the most common (and most valid) criticisms thrown bitcoin’s way over the years has been the issue of price volatility. With price swings of 10 percent or more in a single day, how is anyone supposed to use this digital asset as a real-world currency?

While a number of different theories have been discussed in terms of how bitcoin will eventually become a less volatile form of money, the reality is there is only one real solution to this problem: time.

Bitcoin’s Future Price Has a Wide Range

There are plenty of people who are bullish on the long-term prospect of bitcoin’s usefulness as a global, permissionless money, but the idea that the digital money will take over the entire world one day is still nothing more than a dream at this point. For this reason, bitcoin’s true value is somewhere between zero and millions of dollars per coin. With such a wide range in the long-term potential for the bitcoin price, it’s no wonder why the digital asset booms and busts with regularity.

This uncertainty regarding the future of the bitcoin price is most obvious during the many price bubbles that have occurred in the digital money’s young history — with late last year being the most recent example. People are still generally uninformed when it comes to what bitcoin is and its unique place on the market, but the fear of missing out on huge profits pushes those who have no idea of what they are buying into the market during these times.

More people learn about bitcoin during these price bubbles, which is helpful for further price stability over the long term because a more informed populous tends to create a more stable market. This point is best illustrated during the bear market, as that’s when those who know the most about bitcoin tend to stick around, perhaps due to their unwavering interest in the technology.

Bitcoin Needs to Be Boring

Bitcoin becomes boring during these market downturns, which means the hodlers of last resort and those who gain non-speculative use out of the digital asset tend to make up a greater percentage of the market. Over the long term, bitcoin needs to become a boring part of culture that people understand without all of the added hype of the potential for future riches built around it.

This will happen in due time as society starts to both determine and better understand bitcoin’s role in the world. Of course, it should be noted that price volatility is not necessarily an issue for individuals who need specific features of bitcoin, such as censorship-resistant transactions or apolitical storage of value, which cannot be found with any other options on the market.

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