The TRON Wallet Is Always Improving

The TRON Wallet Is Always Improving
Back in June, the TRON Wallet was released which had a respectful message on it from the TRON Foundation which said:
“Before using the TronWallet, the team at the Tron Foundation advises that you do not deposit any TRX on the wallet just yet. Your funds might get lost. Tron Foundation requests that you first apply to test the wallet before the final release by the team”
This was before the Super Representative elections were finished prior to the mainnet launch. In early August, users of the wallet could send, freeze and receive their stake in TRX to take part in the elections. The wallet is now available to all on iOS and Android. TRX is considered to be under performing at the moment, though with the coming updates to the TRON wallet now surfacing, we might expect TRX to embark on a slight climb through this month. At the time of writing, TRX is valued at $0.021, down 3.97% which is simply down to the organic negative trend that is pulling the markets down at the moment. Recent updatesThere are always improvements being made on the wallet by the community at who created the TRON Wallet on behalf of the TRON Foundation. A list has been provided for all the recently updated features available for users of the wallet:
  • QR scanners can now be used to pay with TRX and other token built under TRX
  • See TRX straight from your mobile
  • Check changes in the market
  • Create several wallets from within the app
  • Request a TRX payment through creating a special QR code
  • See a record of all completed and pending transactions made on through the app
  • Freeze and unfreeze tokens
  • Vote for TRON Super Representatives
  • By using your fingerprint or face ID you can access the app and use it to its full potential
TRON is a blockchain based decentralised project which was founded just over a year ago and in June this year the team at TRON launched its mainnet, ‘proprietary blockchain’.Coming updatesThe team is always looking to improve and add features to the wallet including:
  • The team aims to create a dApp browser in the first quarter of next year
  • The ability to trade tokens of TRON without any middlemen and in a decentralised manner
  • Launch a web widget in order to sell ICO tokens
Have you used the TRON wallet yet? What are your thoughts? Let us know down in the comments down below!References:Ethereum World News
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