The Healthy Competition Between ETH & TRX

The Healthy Competition Between ETH & TRX
There’s always competition happening every day, whether it’s in a football game or similar. Blockchain projects should use the same competitive attitude to push the boundaries on what they could achieve. As enthusiasts of the industry, we can be guilty of being biased towards blockchain projects and certain coins. I think we can all admit we’ve been a little tribal as described by Michael Casey from CoinDesk. We want crypto projects and coins alike to thrive at the expense of one another. Ethereum and TRON are great examples of a classic rivalry which is actually healthier than you thought. ETH vs TRX is a good rivalry between some of the biggest and brightest minds. How TRON benefits EthereumMany enthusiasts have accused Justin Sun of taking a ‘few’ ideas from Ethereum. Despite this, the Ethereum code is easily accessible on GitHub. Sun and the TRON Foundation realised that they didn’t exactly reinvent the wheel, they simply had to make it more efficient and user-friendly. The only they could do that was to study Ethereum the in a similar way that budding musicians look to their inspiration. As a result, the TRON Mainnet has worked tirelessly since its release in June this year. The TRON Virtual Machine has ushered in the dApp era for the platform and there are plenty of people excited to see what the future holds for TRX and TRON. How Ethereum benefits TRONFor the past three years, Ethereum has enjoyed time in the spotlight and ever since the crypto community discovered it was the best fit for smart contracts and launching ICOs. With popularity, came the preference by every developer to create dApps on the platform. This, in turn, resulted in the current congestion issues the network is facing. For Ethereum to continue to be relevant, it needs to adapt with the times and scale accordingly. According to Ethereum World News, this is where TRON comes in, saying:
“This is where Tron comes into the picture. As with sports, a younger more ambitious athlete usually becomes an instant threat to the regular number 1. In turn, the older more experienced athlete works harder to retain the top position. In the case of Ethereum, the urgency to remain relevant amidst competition is evident and will result in the network’s developers, solving congestion issues by upgrading its throughput.”
Finally, it’s safe to say that the competition between TRON and Ethereum is healthy. Both developer camps share a similar goal and are pushing for the adoption of blockchain technology. What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think down below in the comments!
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